Clarity: Postcard Zine

Clarity issue 01 is a postcard zine responding to 50 people’s insights into what brings them clarity. It consists of 28 individual postcards that tell a narrative throughout but also act as a stand alone postcard too. The idea is that you send ‘clarity’ to the people you love.

Each person who was a part of the survey informed me of a colour, a song, a place and an object/thing that brings them clarity. The colours given were translated into crystals and their spiritual meanings, which also informed the visuals. The images and main visuals used were from my dads atlas from the 70s hence the dreamlike quality to them. The postcards are interactive to encourage the sender to take a moment out of their day to reflect on what brings them clarity.

The joy of this project was realising the similarities in the answers, the appreciation of nature and the love for finding beauty in the mundane, everyday little things. It was a very grounding project which brought a lot of clarity to me too.

Check out the Clarity playlist here, made up of 58 songs that people responded to as their most calming, grounding and relaxing.

If you would like you can buy Clarity here.

Designed in lockdown 3.0 the postcards encompass the importance of connection in isolation.