Hard Copy Magazine ︎︎︎

Hard Copy Magazine was a group project at university which was created and designed during the first lockdown in March 2020. 

Hard copy is a publication which catalogues websites falling in to the “useless” category. We aim to both preserve and promote these websites and attempt to find the unintentional beauty in them through a different medium than they are native to by bringing the digital to print.

As a group we collected random, pointless and useless websites and tried to create meaning by archiving them altogether and create a physical printed ‘Hard Copy’ so that they are not erased from the ever expanding internet. The world’s state of affairs including the lockdown during the pandemic definetly shaped our idea and design process as we were limited on what we could create and art direct from our bedrooms. Working as a group over zoom and studying and working away from university was something we had never experienced. Nevertheless we used found imagery and utilised computer interfaces to our advantage to juxtapose with the printed format. 

Hard Copy acts as an archive for those that might be fascinated by the internet and web culture.