Sponge, Issue 02 ︎︎︎

Sponge Issue 02, was commisioned and funded by the NewBridge Project in Newcastle Upon Tyne as part of the Blazing New Worlds Programme. The NewBridge Project is an artist led community of 100+ artists studios, an exhibition space and bookshop. 

Check it out on their website here. 

This issue consisted of a series interviews with the amazing members of the Shieldfield Youth Programme and also with local Newcastle based graphic designers.

I helped run a workshop with the members of the Shieldfield Youth Programme whereby I interviewed them and they submitted drawings and art. In comparison to the first issue of Sponge, this issue focuses more on responding to the artwork of the children, and seeing how their contributions shaped Sponge’s content and aesthetic. 

You can buy Sponge Issue 02 from NewBridge Books here ︎︎︎.