We are Here ︎︎︎

We are here was my visual identity and concept for the Graphic Design Degree Show 2021.  

My idea was heavily influenced by location for the aesthetic and the concept in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Considering how our degree show could exist in a way which was permitable during the pandemic I was constantly considering how our design work could be exhibited in a non-traditional and accessible way. As the role of the gallery changed during the pandemic I wanted to utilise the window as a part of the degree show as it had been used as a form of expression during times of isolation. I also wanted to move away from the screen and the digital which was dominating our university life and studies at this time.

We are Here also acts as a documentation of our time at university and encapsulates our time studying during the pandemic. Each page of the publication showcases the window of a student as a display space and embraces that the role of the gallery has changed to a more domestic setting. 

The degree show would exist across three platforms: A physical exhibition (work displayed through windows within in the city), online and in a publication.